Focus on Gastric Ulcers

In the wild, horses roam across grasslands and graze constantly throughout the day. Their domestic cousins live very different lives. And no matter how much we care for them, this can cause problems.

Modern practices like stabling, travel, exercise and intermittent feeding can lead to gastritis and gastric ulceration, a widespread and very painful condition.

An ulcer is a breach in the continuity of skin, or mucous membranes; dead tissue sloughs away, leaving a raw, painful tissue bed. Ulcers can occur right along the gastrointestinal tract, but are most often in the mouth (usually due to dental disease), and the stomach. 

On this page we will be looking at what causes gastric ulcers, signs to look for, how to treat them and more importantly the management techniques you can put in place to prevent them occurring.

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