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Bonfire Night

Top Tips to Help your Horse Cope with Fireworks

Top Tips to Help your Horse Cope with Fireworks
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Fireworks are loved by a lot of people especially on Bonfire Night (remember, remember the 5th of November). However, these will often go on for a few weeks before and after the actual night which can be a stressful period for even the calmest of horses.

One of our team of vets Liam has some great tips to help your horse to cope with fireworks:

  • If it’s safe to do so, stick to your horse’s usual routine, but check the field or stable for anything which could cause injury if they try to bolt to escape the noise and flashing lights – especially protruding nails, and damaged or inadequate fencing.
  • You can try leaving the horse's stable light on as it can lessen the impact of sudden flashes in the sky.
  • Music can hide loud bangs, however, this is something you need to start thinking about in advance and be sure to introduce it to your horse over the preceding days or weeks before Bonfire Night.
  • Make sure they have companions close by
  • It would be best for you to stay with your horse whilst the fireworks are happening if possible, or make sure to check on them regularly.
  •  You should also try to feed little and often throughout the evening if you can.
  • Please remain calm and be sure to keep yourself safe, any horse can be dangerous when nervous.
  • If you know your horse is very anxious you can speak to your vet about sedatives.
  • As always make sure to have your vet's contact details close by in case of any problems.
Equine Premium
Writer and expert
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