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Support Stallion Fertility and Gut Health

Support Stallion Fertility and Gut Health
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Gut Health and Stallion Fertility

Stallion fertility is an integral part of successful breeding and the overall health of the stallion is of the utmost importance year round to ensure a fruitful breeding season.

When looking at how to support stallions’ fertility, a key focus should be gut health. Optimal nutrition and good digestive function are crucial in healthy, fertile stallions. Keep reading to learn the benefits of focusing on good digestion when it comes to stallion fertility.

Benefits of Improving a Stallion’s Gut Health

Supporting a stallion’s gastrointestinal health has several benefits both for overall health and for fertility. Addressing a horse’s digestion is the first step and any supplementation for fertility may not be as effective unless the horse has a healthy digestive tract.

When using a health supplement to support the gut, there are three core benefits to expect from focusing on nutrition and good digestion. Let’s explore the fertility and general health benefits that can contribute to improved success during breeding season.

1. Energy

A breeding stallion requires more energy than the average horse. Good digestion is essential for absorbing the correct nutrients from a balanced diet.

Horses that are too lean may lack energy when it comes to covering mares. A body condition score (BCS) of three or less on the 9 point BCS system, means a horse may lack extensive energy stores needed to perform.

On the other hand, horses that are considered obese, with a BCS of eight or nine, can also encounter issues. These may include additional stress on their joints, other health conditions and potentially lower libido.

Good gut health combined with the right nutrition makes it easier to maintain a consistent BCS and can support the energy levels required for breeding.

2. Sperm Quality

Sperm quality has a crucial role to play in fertility, and gut health can play a role in this. Total sperm count and progressive motility are important factors when considering the quality of the sperm. Viability, which focuses on sperm membrane intactness is also essential.

This is where good digestion and supplementation can help as it’s all about absorbing the right nutrients for membrane integrity and mitochondrial membrane potential.

Research shows that polyunsaturated fatty acids, such as omega-3 and omega-6, have numerous health benefits. A critical one is contributing to the high fluidity of the plasma membrane in a stallion’s sperm.

Proper absorption of other helpful nutrients and vitamins, such as zinc, selenium and vitamins E and C, is also achieved through optimal gut health.

3. Supporting the older stallion

It’s useful to think of breeding stallions as athletes. For reproduction to be a success, body condition is a prime factor. Good digestion contributes towards healthy muscles and well supported joints. A poor diet or poor absorption can lead to a drop in overall condition which can cut a breeding season short or mean it never even begins.

Well-proven sires can have long and successful breeding careers well into their teenage years, but their bodies and joints need increased support as they get older to ensure they remain healthy and comfortable to perform.

Fortunately, the right diet and supplements can help support aging horses.

How To Support Fertility Through Gut Health

Good quality forage and feed is crucial to maintaining an optimal body condition score for stallions, which is exactly what you need to support a successful breeding season.

Disturbances that affect the gut microbiome may reduce the absorption and digestion of nutrients and energy from the diet. Consider using a probiotic and prebiotic supplement from your Gut Health Essentials as a way to support ongoing digestive function and gut health. This will support your stallion's overall health and fertility.

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Writer and expert
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