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Free Faecal Water Syndrome

Ask The Expert – Free Faecal Water Syndrome

Free faecal water syndrome (FFWS) is when horses pass water before, during, after, or independently of, defaecation but have normal droppings. It is different to diarrhoea – where the droppings themselves are loose or watery. Although a link with colic has been suggested, the consequences of FFWS are mostly mild, but they can be unpleasant […]


Horse Transportation Guide: Tips for travelling safely

We all enjoy getting out and about with our horses, whether it is to attend a local Pony Club rally, pop a few jumps at the weekend fun ride or serious competition further afield. However the worries of travelling can often take much of the fun out of the day, with both horses and owners […]


Laminitis in Horses and Ponies: Expert Guide

Laminitis is a painful condition of the feet which affects up to 1 in 10 of the UK equine population. It can affect horses and ponies at any time of the year, and flare-ups can be due to multiple factors including hormones and diet. What is Laminitis? Laminitis is the inflammation of a certain tissue […]

Gastric Ulcers

Ulcers in Horses Guide; Risk Factors, Signs, Causes & Treatment

An ulcer is a breach in the continuity of skin, or mucous membranes; dead tissue sloughs away, leaving a raw, painful tissue bed. Ulcers can occur right along the gastrointestinal tract, but are most often in the mouth (usually due to dental disease), and the stomach. The horse’s stomach is split into two distinct sections […]