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Gut Balancer Testimonials

Piggy French, International Event Rider

"We tried the Protexin Gut Balancer on ten of the horses and compared the results to the rest of the yard and I can honestly say those ten have really benefitted from Gut Balancer by comparison in both holding their condition and they are more settled during a stressful competition schedule; so much so we've put the rest on it! Thank you for a great British product."

Lizzel Winters FBHS, British Junior Event Team Trainer

"We're not supplement users for supplement's sake here at Severn Vale Equestrian Centre, either with the riding school horses or the competition horses. Protexin is a product we have used to great effect regularly over the last few years and have always been pleased with the results."

Centre Lines Dressage

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Sue Rich, Oakleaze Endurance Horses

"Since we started feeding Gut Balancer to our Arabs every day we have noticed a real difference in performance. The horses seem to be vetting quicker in events and are performing a lot better – we are coming out with higher and better results this season."

Charlotte Alexander & Denman of RoR Lycetts, A Class Act.

"Denman has made a successful transition from racing to hunting and Team Chasing. The Protexin Gut Balancer has ensured he has had no stress related problems with his change of yard and work and he has maintained great condition, I couldn’t recommend the Protexin Equine Premium products more highly!"

Emma Humphrey, International Event Rider

"Since using Protexin Gut Balancer on my horse Jack I have been delighted with the results, he was always a very 'gassy' and bloated looking horse and this has also been dramatically improved. From using Quick Fix he is now happy to be girthed up and walks away calmly when I mount him unlike before. I am so pleased to have a more normal horse! I will never stop feeding him Protexin and would highly recommend this product."

Rebecca Curtis, National Hunt Trainer

“I cannot recommend Gut Balancer enough!! As soon as the horse's get this product into their system I can see a dramatic difference in their coat. They immediately start to shine and put on weight. It is hard as a NH trainer to keep horses eating and looking well. I find Protexin helps dramatically to maintain a healthy system.”

Avon Riding Centre, Bristol

"We have used Protexin Gut Balancer on a couple of our school horses that tended to have loose droppings or a tendency to occasionally colic and can honestly say they have been much better with the probiotic in their feed. Our horses have to be quiet and gentle as they are used by disabled riders so we are very careful what we feed them, nothing too potent! Even though the product is widely used on top race and competition horses, we certainly saw the benefit on our quiet school horses, thank you for a great British product."

Louise Rich, International Endurance Young Rider

"We use Gut Balancer on the horses and we have seen a number of improvements on the horses - the horses seem to be vetting quicker in events and performing a lot better coming out with higher and better results. We also put the horses on Recover Aid which I feel is amazing and really gives them that bit extra."

Jules Stiller, Headley Stud Eventing

"We have been using the Protexin Equine Premium products here at Headley Stud. All of my horses have either Acid Ease or Gut Balancer on a daily basis, and I find it improves their temperament and trainability. Salsa and Chapel Amble are both more settled competing on Quick Fix and Carolinus benefits greatly from the Recover Aid. It's refreshing to find a company whose products actually do what they say and I am very happy to endorse the benefits of them all."

Brook Staples, Australian International and Olympic Event Rider

“I’ve used Protexin Gut Balancer for many years on horses that can struggle to keep their weight, or get a bit anxious during training, usually they’re one of the same! I can honestly say it’s the only probiotic that I believe works and from my experience that means I can certainly recommend the product for any horse, at any level; and the added bonus is they make full use of whatever you’re feeding them.”

Donald McCain Jnr, Racehorse Trainer

“Since using Protexin Gut Balancer, we have noticed how the horses have maintained their condition throughout the season. Good health starts with their guts, get that right and the rest follows.  I have no hesitation in recommending this great British product on the results we have seen at Bankhouse.”


Kate Ashmore, Stallion AI Services

"As Libra K has aged we noticed his digestive system became more delicate and he struggled with any small changes or variations in diet. Protexin Gut Balancer has really helped settle his digestive upset which has meant he has put on condition and looks fabulous for 21years old!!"


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