Kirsty's Top Tips

For anyone thinking of breeding these are things I would look into in advance.

  • I would always choose a stallion that complements my mare not just one that I like or can afford the stud fee of.
  • Make sure you can afford to care for another horse and any problems that may occur.
  • Ensure you have a place for your mare to foal down before insemination and a few options for when they are weaned. It is a good idea to find somewhere that has other foals and youngsters which isn’t always easy.

Once you have decided you are going to breed your mare these are the things you will need to consider. 

  • Have a specific plan in place for the foal. Do not breed just because you have a mare and can.
  • Make sure your mare is on a high quality diet and is in good health before considering putting her into foal.
  • Have a good relationship with your vet as you will need to be consulting them a great deal during the process!
  • Make sure you choose a vet with good background in breeding.

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