Thank you Jess!

Thank you Jess!

It's been a little while since we shared a good news story so it's only right we share a recent update from one of our supported riders!

Our South West Territory Manager, Jess (pictured below) recently visited Endurance Rider, Nikki Malcolm, and her two new additions, OSO Irazu and OSO Spiralling Wind

"OSO Irazu and OSO Spiralling Wind have joined the ‘Stride Ahead’ team in Dorset for a FEI endurance campaign in the UK, the two boys have travelled all the way from NSW Australia. 

On arrival the boys had lots to deal with, a huge change in climate and routine as well as dietary change. We wrapped them up head to toe as they arrived during our snow spell, blood tests run by the Vet confirmed they were in good order but they weren’t eating up and droppings were loose. Protexin ‘Quick Fix’ 10ml per day for three days followed by ‘Gut Balancer’ daily and by day four the boys were licking their bowls and passing normal droppings, three weeks later and they both completed a FEI 1 star race ending with perfect metabolics on their Vet sheets.

Thank you Jess for looking after our boys and we look forward to aiming them at some high profile races this summer."

Nikki Malcolm

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