Nikki & Flossy's Story

Nikki & Flossy's Story

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and Nikki & Flossy's Story is one we just had to share!



Nikki was diagnosed with ulcers on 30th June 2015 and put onto Peptizole. She’s always been a rather typical chestnut mare being a TBxWelsh and a little bit hot-headed, however, she is kept out 24/7 and her diet is forage based – she was also fed a calmer at this point. I obviously didn’t want a recurrence and I was recommended Acid Ease by a friend. Having chatted with Jonathan Nelson, we put Nikki onto the Acid Ease for a month and what a difference it made to her. She is now fed alfalfa alongside a balancer with her Acid Ease and no calmer required! 


Seeing the huge difference the Acid Ease had made to Nikki, I wondered if there was something to help our coloured mare, Flossy, who we show. She has a lot of white and in particular a white tail and if we were at a busy show, she would become very loose and therefore trying to get her into the ring clean was not easy! Again she was fed a forage diet with a calmer. Kirsty pointed me in the direction of Quick fix and Gut Balancer. It has made a huge difference to her, even out autumn hunting – no loose droppings, and another saving on calmer!

I cannot recommend Protexin Equine Premium products highly enough!

Thank you,

Louise Templeton

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