Tania Grantham

Tania Grantham


Discipline: Dressage 



My name is Tania Grantham and my business is Inspire Dressage. I am a Grand Prix dressage rider & trainer. 

I still find it so exciting to be able to say that! My whole career my goal was to ride a Grand Prix. In Nov 19 I actually did it on Sam, my quirky, lazy, sharp, averagely moving, fairly cheap warmblood. I’ve had Sam 9 years and it’s been a real journey to get to where we are today. At the end of 2018 I got the ride on a beautiful Spanish stallion, Igloo and we had a pretty amazing first season together. I also co own a 2yo PRE colt Norman. 

My whole career I’ve worked with “normal” horses and riders of all levels and across many disciplines. The horses I’ve had to ride have often been “difficult”, “quirky” and not necessarily ideal dressage horses. I’ve always used polework as I find it helpful in so many ways, I really do believe it’s a fundamental part of successful training. 

Polework is something I’ve become well know for, I regularly post videos of my layouts on social media. My layouts have also featured in several magazines, most recently I’ve done a series for Horse & Rider.


Favourite Protexin Equine Premium Products

Acid Ease, Gut Balancer and Quick Fix 


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