Theo's Story

Theo's Story


We always enjoy receiving updates from one of our supported riders, Sarah Skillin, and her horse Theo. We wanted to share their great story:

From sore and grouchy to happy and healthy winner - a year ago Theo was off his food, grumpy when tacking up, lazy and lacking a bit of condition.  Thanks to the support we’ve had from the team at Protexin Theo is now better than ever.  He’s happy, overly cheeky, healthy and this weekend started his 2016 British Dressage season with a win and a 7% improvement on his score since the last time he did that test. 

Image courtesy of Equipix UK.

As soon as we started noticing the problems we called Kirsty from Protexin who suggested that we changed his feed to Bailey’s Endurance Mix, for the slow release energy and very low starch levels.  We were also advised to increase his daily dose of Acid Ease a bit while he was living in and as he had just moved house.  The difference started to show after a week and a few months later he felt better than ever.  Thanks to extra support from top trainer Paul Friday, and our local sponsors Forelock and Load, he is just going from strength to strength. 

It is always great to have a visit from the Protexin team who continuously give us help, support and guidance on keeping him healthy. This is so important when we are asking him to perform at higher levels and increasing the work load.  This weekend we are looking forward to returning the favour by supporting the Protexin Day at Forelock & Load, by being on hand to answer questions from a rider and users point of view.

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