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Cosequin Equine Testimonials

Louise Bell

"Jonathan from Protexin asked me if I would like to try Cosequin Equine on one of my dressage horses early in 2016; I said I would like to try it on both of them!

I knew of the product’s provenance and that it was the original joint product backed by proper science and was intrigued to see if I could see and feel the difference. After 6 weeks there was no argument or going back, Cosequin makes a significant difference to your horse’s movement and continued soundness especially in high intensity training and competition, and Dynamo agrees!

Thank you again Protexin Equine Premium for another effective product clear for use in competition."


Dag Albert

"Goofy (Mitras Eminem) is a 15 yo Advanced International 4* Event horse that we have competed and managed for many years and like all older horses is beginning to see some wear and tear in his joints. We decided to try him on Cosequin Equine when Protexin took over the brand in early 2016 because we know of the efficacy of the product; it is backed by substantial clinical trials and recommended by vets. Goofy definitely warms up more quickly, has more forward fluid movement and visually there is less filling around his fetlocks in the morning; and if it’s helping there it will be helping all of his other joints as well. Highly Recommendable!"




Nicki Dole

This is Chance, a veteran jumping pony who had competed to a high level nationally, both individually and on teams. He had previously had an operation for a tendon and ligament injury and was showing signs of general stiffness. After having some X-Rays it was noted he had the beginning of arthritis in his front fetlock too.

His owner, Nicki, started giving Chance Cosequin Equine. After only 3 weeks Nicki noticed a marked improvement in his paces and commented on the freedom of movement he now has since being given Cosequin.




Laura Renwick

"Since I started using Cosequin Equine on my top competition horses I have found them to be suppler, feeling great in themselves and they are all performing really well!  I’m really pleased we started using Cosequin!"



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