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Quick Fix Testimonials

Nikki Malcolm, Endurance Rider

Acid Ease is Khartoum's regular supplement with Quick Fix being used as well during periods of travel and competition. We also include Acid Ease with his fibre feeds at vet gates during competition. Recently I have really found the Recover Aid very good during his pre and post race preparation and recovery.

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Nichola Ash, Lincolnshire Fell Pony Group

Ludworth Viking, Fell stallion 12 years old from Fellfields Stud based in Lincolnshire. 

“Jack had a huge cyst operation 3 years ago; he was awake during the major surgery and as a result he has become nervous in small stables. At major events he can be stabled for days at a time which would make him stressed and lose condition, but this is now a thing of the past after someone advised me to try Quick Fix. Thanks to this fantastic product I don’t have to worry about stabling him at events anymore, it helps to keep him calm but without altering his work, he still enters the ring with a spark.”

Jules Stiller, Headley Stud Eventing

"We have been using the Protexin Equine Premium products here at Headley Stud. All of my horses have either Acid Ease or Gut Balancer on a daily basis, and I find it improves their temperament and trainability. Salsa and Chapel Amble are both more settled competing on Quick Fix and Carolinus benefits greatly from the Recover Aid. It's refreshing to find a company whose products actually do what they say and I am very happy to endorse the benefits of them all."

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