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Acid Ease Testimonials

Emily Proud

National Under 18 Champions 2013 Team and Individual

This was used with Schmaul and made a big difference to his tummy problems he had on the morning before events. Previously he would suffer with a 'runny tummy' which made me worry he could potentially become dehydrated throughout a long day of eventing. However with the Acid Ease his tummy problems seemed to settle, he'd only occasionally get a runny tummy on the morning of an event instead of every time.


Linda Allen

Meet Max, a 13 year old gelding owned by Linda Allen. Max had been battling loose droppings for nearly 6 years and Linda had tried everything on the market. Linda would go through a packet of wet wipes every couple of days and have to apply nappy rash cream to Max's bum to stop the burning of his skin, also making him grumpy to groom.

Kirsty recommended that Linda start Max on Acid Ease and Gut Bind to give him a head start and repopulate his gut. She saw a dramatic improvement in Max in the first 8 weeks and he now moved onto just having Gut Balancer daily.



Stacey Cook

“Since using the Acid Ease with Ninola I have noticed a big change in her behaviour at shows, she’s far happier and less stressed and comes home more relaxed too. And still brings home the ribbons!”



Laura Swinnerton

“I noticed quite a big difference in Molly within the first week of her being on the Acid Ease - much less grumpy, almost to the point of being quite 'cuddly'!”





Holly Colgate-Hardaway

“Before Lorenzo went on Acid Ease he was quite a stressed horse and would take a while to settle. But since he has been on Acid Ease he is so much more relaxed in himself and when been ridden. It has also helped him put on that little extra bit of weight that he needed.

I am feeding both Ruby & Lorenzo Acid Ease which has made such a difference to Ruby’s eating habits. Normally she would completely go off her food around competitions and just pick at it for a few days after, whereas now she finishes all her feed before and after competitions. I can’t believe what a difference it makes!”

Louise Templeton

"Nikki was diagnosed with ulcers on 30th June this year and put onto Peptizole. She’s always been a rather typical chestnut mare being a TBxWelsh and a little bit hot-headed, however, she is kept out 24/7 and her diet is forage based – she was also fed a calmer at this point. I obviously didn’t want a recurrence and I was recommended Acid Ease by a friend. Having chatted with Jonathan, we put Nikki onto the Acid Ease for a month and what a difference it made to her. She is now fed alfalfa alongside a balancer with her Acid Ease and no calmer required!

Seeing the huge difference the Acid Ease had made to Nikki, I wondered if there was something to help our coloured mare who we show. She has a lot of white and in particular a white tail and if we were at a busy show, she would become very loose and therefore trying to get her into the ring clean was not easy! Again she was fed a forage diet with a calmer. Kirsty pointed me in the direction of Quick fix and Gut Balancer. It has made a huge difference to her and even out autumn hunting – no loose droppings, and another saving on calmer! I cannot recommend Protexin Equine Premium products highly enough!"

Alex Hardwick, International Dressage Rider

"Protexin Acid Ease is amazing! My small little horse, Royal Chester, is a worrier and tends to drop weight when travelling. I was therefore concerned about taking him to his first international show in Biarritz, two day drive. I gave him Acid Ease before and during the competition and it made an incredible difference. He looked really buff and went fantastically. We now use Acid Ease for all types of horses with great results!"

Royal Chester

Gillian Higgins BSc Hons BHSII SM ITEC (equine)

"I've been impressed by the probiotic principle for some time, and I've tried a few products over the last couple of years but none has made an impact in the same way as Protexin. My Intermediate horse Freddie has bloomed and is far more relaxed since we've tried him on Acid Ease."

Sarah Skillin, Little Downham Horse Trials and #twittereventing

When Theo came to us in January 2014 he was slightly underweight and very lethargic.  We messed around with his feed to try and build him up and increase his energy levels that we seemed to upset his stomach, making him extremely unhappy, unwilling to work and very tender in the girth area.  Discussions with our vet pointed to questions around whether he had stomach ulcers and we were recommended to look at his feed.  Our first point of call with Anna at Protexin after dealing with her through #twittereventing and Little Downham Horse Trials.  She gave some amazing advice and sent us an Acid Ease trial.  Within no time at all he was like a completely different horse.  Theo now lives on Alfa A and Acid Ease and is going from strength to strength, full of energy and fighting fit, we are constantly getting comments as to how he has improved, how well he looks and what a stunning horse we have.  We owe so much of this to the fantastic support and products from Protexin.  We are extremely grateful. 

Nikki Malcolm, Endurance Rider

Acid Ease is Khartoum's regular supplement with Quick Fix being used as well during periods of travel and competition. We also include Acid Ease with his fibre feeds at vet gates during competition. Recently I have really found the Recover Aid very good during his pre and post race preparation and recovery.

Click here to read Nikki's full Case Study.

Caroline Jones

My pony didn't really show obvious classic signs of ulcers - he had a shiny coat and a good appetite and when I tried the 'ulcer test' video on YouTube where you run your hands firmly over bits of the horse to see if there's a reaction he just looked at me as if I'd gone mad - but he was a long-term cribber and windsucker, he had a small pot-belly that wouldn't go no matter what diet or exercise regime he was on and he was generally fairly grouchy, sometimes to the point where he didn't want to be brushed or even touched - he actually had me off a couple of times, the moment he felt my weight transfer from the mounting block to the stirrup, he went from standing still to flat out gallop with bucking, which is difficult to stick to when you have one leg in the air over his back!!  It only happened twice and it was a year apart - the first occasion happened not long after I got him, during a saddle fitting with a fitter who's also a BHSI, she said his saddle was absolutely fine and thought he was possibly cold backed.  The second occasion, last September, is what prompted me to start thinking that it had to be pain-related and back and stomach were the obvious candidates.  At that time I managed to contact all the previous owners in his passport and piecing all the stories together, he's had stomach issues since he was 4 or 5 years old, on and off - one owner was told to have him put to sleep because he was rearing up and spinning any time anyone tried to ride him and nearly impossible to handle on the ground.  So I thought it would be worth giving a tub of Acid Ease a try, just to see if it made any difference.  The loading dose is double normal dose (the larger 3kg tub lasts me about 2 months on maintenance dose) and within two or three days we started to see a change in him.  He cribbed less, he slowed down eating his speedibeet, he stopped head-butting people, he became much, much happier to hold his feet up for me to pick them out and Robbie to trim them and he stopped putting his ears back when I girthed him up or put a rug on him.  He's been on it ever since and although he did eventually need treating with something stronger for a short period, just to allow his stomach to heal, the Acid Ease has been doing an amazing job of keeping his digestive system in balance and my relationship with him has come on leaps and bounds as a result.

Kitty King, International Event Rider

"Since putting High Havoc on Acid Ease he has been unrecognisable in his eating habits. Until now he has never once finished his breakfast before tea time so it is then hard to get an evening feed into him. He now finishes his breakfast well before he is ridden or turned out. This is such a help as I now know he is getting the correct amount of food for the work he is doing and I can now feed him more which will help a lot with his condition. So thank you very much."


Elaine Tragett, Event Rider

I simply cannot believe the difference Protexin Acid Ease has made to my hot headed TB eventer, I have always thought she was underperforming but I couldn’t put my finger on it, she colics very regularly. She has always been very tight over her back and got worse after her foal, she was also such a spooky, nervy horse and I bred her so I know nothing bad has ever happened to her. I have always suspected ulcers. Protexin has genuinely changed all that. When I put her on it, I thought why not, worth a go ...but now I wouldn’t be without it. She hasn’t had a show jump down since being on it, her dressage went from mid/late 30’s to early 30’s within a week of having Acid Ease, her first outing on it was a 31! She will soon be able to go Novice eventing, she is happy jumping 4ft now but before she was always a bit wary of the extra stretch, with a three day in sight as her health and zest for life has changed so much and I can feed her now to keep her fitness up. I cannot recommend this solution enough - it works!

Jules Stiller, Headley Stud Eventing

"We have been using the Protexin Equine Premium products here at Headley Stud. All of my horses have either Acid Ease or Gut Balancer on a daily basis, and I find it improves their temperament and trainability. Salsa and Chapel Amble are both more settled competing on Quick Fix and Carolinus benefits greatly from the Recover Aid. It's refreshing to find a company whose products actually do what they say and I am very happy to endorse the benefits of them all."

Daisy Berkeley, International Event Rider and Olympic Team Bronze, Beijing 2008

“Tsaro (Basil), an advanced horse, and Montserrat (Marly), a promising Novice, have both shown symptoms of ulcers and digestive upset once they are in work. Basil was particularly awkward and irritable both in his stable and to work. Both horses have made amazing improvements in their attitude since I tried them on Acid Ease and the rest of my string look fantastic and are very settled on the Gut Balancer, Thank you Protexin!”

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