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Recover Aid Testimonials

Emily Proud

National Under 18 Champions 2013 Team and Individual

"After using the sachets with Locky, the difference noticed in him was amazing. He finished a 5 min 42 second optimum time XC during the season with a lot more energy and 'running' at the end of the course than he had before we used them. Normally he had been finishing XC running on his forehand and he'd get home and be very tired that evening and the day after. Feeding the sachets truly has made a huge difference in his way of going and also his tiredness the evening and day after an event. We are so impressed with the sachets effect that Schmaul also used them at the CCI* at the end of the season and was full of energy and feeling more supple than usual on the third and final day."


Doug and Pauline Harkin, Trainers of Doctor Kingsley, Bonhams Mens Open Championship Winner 2013 & 2014

“Doctor Kingsley has won 16 of his 20 starts with us, we always use Recover Aid and wouldn’t run the horse, or any other horse for that matter, without it. We start them on a sachet a day, 5 days before they run and then for a couple of days after and the horses run their best races and bounce back quickly.”

Oli Smith, Event Rider

"Since using Protexin Equine Premium Recover Aid, the difference in my horses performance and overall well being is unbelievable. They look and feel fantastic and are performing out of their skin week after week."

Peter Bowen, Top National Hunt Trainer

"Protexin Equine Premium is a product range we use and trust to deliver, helping our horses stay healthy and resolving problems. Recover Aid has proved very successful on individuals."

Louise Rich, International Endurance Young Rider

"We use Gut Balancer on the horses and we have seen a number of improvements on the horses - the horses seem to be vetting quicker in events and performing a lot better coming out with higher and better results. We also put the horses on Recover Aid which I feel is amazing and really gives them that bit extra."

Bernice Cuthbert, Trainer of Loughnatousa WB. Aston Park Stud

“Protexin has been the trusted probiotic brand we have used here at Aston Park for over 15 years and has formed an integral part of horse management from foals through to racehorses, and remains so today with our string of showjumpers. Loughnatousa WB performed brilliantly to win the Hickstead Derby in June and definitely remains more focused and relaxed whilst on the Protexin Equine Premium Recover Aid, remaining bright and sparky through to the last day of a major show.”

Sheila & Walter

"Walter suffered an acute liver insult that resulted in him going into severe liver failure 6 months ago. At 27 years old, that was something he could have done without! I am absolutely delighted to say that he has made a full recovery after receiving appropriate therapy and Recover Aid. I have no doubt that Recover Aid was a vital part of Walter’s quick recovery – he is now back to being his old mischievous self and enjoying being back in work. As a veterinarian myself, I cannot speak highly enough for the Protexin products and how valuable they have been for not only the recovery but the general wellbeing of my horse."

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