Mike Winter

Mike Winter


Discipline: Eventing



A native of Canada Mike has represented his country at international level on many occasions, including Olympic Games and Pan American Championships.

His international success which began while based in the USA has carried over as he aims to reach new competitive heights here in the UK.

Starting with a group of quality young horses and now developing into a more international level string, Mike's focus continues to aim at international championships with horses owned by himself as well as a great group of owners.

Mike is an avid horseman whose experience with horses and their confidence in learning and communication is as important to him as his many competitive accolades. Taking from his experience working in the horse industry for over 25 years, Mike credits his time working with many top Eventing, Dressage, Show Jumping and Racing professionals with his approach to training all types and all levels of equine partners.

From the equally rewarding first experiences in the breaking in of young horses, to competing at the sports highest levels, including Olympic games, Mike has done it all and his passion for every stage is still apparent, when you can see him on the yard on any given day, long lining or backing a young horse, giving one its first jump or xc school, as well as fine tuning the skills of his string of FEI horses.


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Gut Balancer, Quick Fix and Cosequin Equine


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