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Arnie's First Premier League!


Louisa Spencer and Arnie


Last weekend Arnie and I had the most amazing experience competing at our first ever premier league! We have only done a handful of PSG tests but with him consistently scoring in the mid to high 60s locally we thought we would throw ourselves into the deep end and just have a go! It was daunting but incredible and we got to compete against some of the best dressage riders in the country. We decided to do the advanced medium music freestyle as a warm up as he hasn't ever been into the arena before, then we were entered for the shows highlight class in the gala evening doing the PSG music freestyle and on the Sunday we competed in the normal PSG.

Arnie can get very nervous and lose weight extremely quickly when we go away so we started him on Recover Aid about three days before we left. He then continues having this while we are away and one when we get home. It really, really does work wonders with him. It keeps his stomach totally happy and he can utilise his feed so much better. This then also makes him much more comfortable when ridden. We also take away a syringe of Quick Fix just in case!



Arnie and I may not have challenged the leaders but he was amazing! He trusted me completely, and really tried his heart out. He came 11th with over 67% in the advance medium freestyle and 13th in the PSG freestyle gala performance with 66.7% in front of a huge audience. We were first in too, which was very scary! Its certainly a test I will never forget- the atmosphere, the feel of riding in front of all those people all paying to watch is just incredible. He has performed far better than I ever expected. Mum was crying so much at the end because we never thought several years ago that Arnie would ever get this far! He has coped so, so well and I don’t think we embarrassed ourselves at all. Sundays test was lovely but I have no idea what I did in our second canter pirouette! I think we made up a new movement and unfortunately that was a double marked one so brought our score down a little, but he did some lovely trot work and good 3 times and a good canter zip zag. He really is one in a million and we had the best weekend.

Thank you so much to Jess, the South West Territory Manager at Protexin, for the advice and for all of Arnie’s Recover Aid and Quick Fix syringes. It makes such a huge difference to him. He goes home looking just as well as when he came! 

Louisa and Arnie

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