Behind the Stable Door: Camilla Bingham

Camilla Bingham’s dedication to her horses is second to none. The Buckinghamshire native started running her family farm - Puttenham Place - following her graduation from Hartpury College in 2011. Joining the Protexin Equine family was a “no brainer” as she now oversees every element of the horses’ daily routine while riding and competing at international shows around Europe and the UK, including the GCT of Valkenswaard in 2020 and GCT of Chantilly in 2019.

We asked our brand ambassador, Camilla Bingham some fun questions to find out a little bit more about her.

Have you always wanted to be a Show Jumper? 

“Honestly no, when I was younger it never used to cross my mind that I would be at this point. I used to event on my school team, then I carried on eventing with the odd bit of show jumping but I always preferred eventing. After finishing uni, I realised I would much rather be riding horses all day, every day, and we had a show jumping yard at home so It was a natural progression.”

If you weren’t doing what you are doing, what would you be doing for a living?

“Whatever I would be doing, I know it wouldn’t be at a desk! I always loved sports psychology, but my passion is just taking care of horses in general, so it would have been something involving them!”

What does a normal day look like for you when you are not travelling for competitions. 

“It’s not particularly wild I’m afraid, most days I start with early pilates, standard yard duties with Bill, then a day of riding between 6-7 horses. We are pretty hands on with the management of the place so harrowing the school, hedge cutting and fixing things, are usually part of my day. I will then normally finish the day doing yoga and more recently I’m really enjoying having more time to cook.”

If you could give any advice to your younger self, what would it be? 

“Care less about what people think about you and believe in yourself more.”

What’s the 1 thing on the yard that you can’t live without? 
“My head boy, Bill (although don’t tell him, I’ll never hear the end of it!). Bill is a valuable member of our little team, and I couldn’t be without him.”

Out of all of your horses, do you have one that you enjoy riding the most? 

“Oh boy, I don’t think I can answer that! I love riding them all, they are all so so different. Each brings something unique to the day, I love having to adjust and think about every one of them.”

If you could ride any horse, past or present, who would it be? 

“I would have to say Wembley. She was an unbelievable horse, so powerful (she sometimes scared me but in a good way!). All you had to worry about with her was whether she would over jump. I could dream big with her, my favourite memory is jumping the Hartpury small tour grand prix. It was a big course for me at the time and she just stole it. When I came out the arena, I was shaking, it really was the most phenomenal experience and feeling.”

What traits do you look for in a good show jumper? 

“Attitude, I love a horse that wants to do the job and wants to work with you. Learning comes a lot quicker when they want to do it.”

What is your favourite Protexin Equine Premium product and why? 

“It’s got to be the Gut Balancer. All my horses have been on it over the winter with the limited turn out and they are all looking and feeling fabulous.”


Thank you, Camilla, from all of us here at Protexin Equine Premium we wish you and your team the best of luck as you prepare for a very exciting 2021!